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Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Third Edition

Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Third Edition

Phil Rufe, CMfgE
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712 pages
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Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Third Edition provides a structured review of the fundamentals of manufacturing for individuals planning to take the Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) or Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) certification exams. This book has been updated according to the most recent Body of Knowledge published by the Certification Oversight and Appeals Committee.

  • Purchase the package that includes the Fundamentals of Manufacturing Workbook
  • A free Solutions Manual, which includes step-by-step solutions to the problems at the end of the book is available in PDF format.

While the objective of this book is to prepare for the certification process, it is a primary source of information for individuals interested in learning fundamental manufacturing concepts and practices. This book is a valuable resource for anyone with limited manufacturing experience or training. Review questions, reference charts, and a selection of over 40 SME video clips (three hours of online video content) is included.

Instructor slides and the Fundamentals of Manufacturing Workbook are available to compliment course instruction and exam preparation. Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Third Edition and the Fundamentals of Manufacturing Workbook are also available in eBook format.

Table of Contents (Individual eBook Chapters)

Chapter 1: Mathematics

Chapter 2: Units of Measure

Chapter 3: Light

Chapter 4: Sound

Chapter 5: Electricity/Electronics

Chapter 6: Statics

Chapter 7: Dynamics

Chapter 8: Strength of Materials

Chapter 9: Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Chapter 10: Fluid Power

Chapter 11: Chemistry

Chapter 12: Material Properties

Chapter 13: Metals

Chapter 14: Plastics

Chapter 15: Composites

Chapter 16: Ceramics

Chapter 17: Engineering Drawing

Chapter 18: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Chapter 19: Computer-Aided Design/Engineering

Chapter 20: Product Development and Design

Chapter 21: Intelllectual Property

Chapter 22: Product Liability

Chapter 23: Cutting Tool Technology

Chapter 24: Machining

Chapter 25: Metal Forming

Chapter 26: Sheet Metalworking

Chapter 27: Powdered Metals

Chapter 28: Casting

Chapter 29: Joining and Fastening

Chapter 30: Finishing

Chapter 31: Plastics Processes

Chapter 32: Composite Processes

Chapter 33: Ceramic Processes

Chapter 34: Printed Circuit Board Fabrication and Assembly

Chapter 35: Traditional Production Planning and Control

Chapter 36: Lean Production

Chapter 37: Process Engineering

Chapter 38: Fixture and Jig Design

Chapter 39: Materials Management

Chapter 40: Industrial Safety, Health and Environmental Management

Chapter 41: Manufacturing Networks

Chapter 42: Computer Numerical Control Machining

Chapter 43: Programmable Logic Controllers

Chapter 44: Robotics

Chapter 45: Automated Material Handling and Identification

Chapter 46: Statistical Methods for Quality Control

Chapter 47: Continuous Improvement

Chapter 48: Quality Standards

Chapter 49: Dimensional Metrology

Chapter 50: Nondestructive Testing

Chapter 51: Management Introduction

Chapter 52: Leadership and Motivation

Chapter 53: Project Management

Chapter 54: Labor Relations

Chapter 55: Engineering Economics

Chapter 56: Sustainable Manufacturing

Chapter 57: Personal Effectiveness

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