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Part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights video series, in this program you will discover how a Six Sigma quality program has improved three different manufacturing organizations. Insightful interviews with both manufacturing and quality people within the various companies share their results of several of the Six Sigma programs they have run.

First at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, where they believe Six Sigma will make them number one in their industry by helping to identify, and create, permanent solutions to any manufacturing problem. Using Six Sigma problem solving techniques, a discrepancy between Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and a supplier as to the measurement specifications for an air compressor was discovered. They were able to use this information and redesign a new compressor that operated within specifications.

Next at Gretag Imaging, where you will see how a photographic hardware manufacturer has improved customer satisfaction by helping to solve difficult logistical problems.

The final example of Six Sigma is at Lockheed Martin's Government electronic systems plant where they've saved nearly 3 billion dollars over the last three years with a combination of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing programs. Lockheed has applied Six Sigma concepts throughout its entire organization being careful to align projects to strategic goals of the organization.

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