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Direct Metal Manufacturing DVD

Direct Metal Manufacturing DVD

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Part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights video series, this program explores advancements in Direct Metal Manufacturing and shows how these technologies affect the creation of parts and tooling in various metals.

Scripted by industry expert Todd Grimm, this program illustrates what happens when innovative companies capitalize on direct metal manufacturing to make dramatic changes to the way parts and tooling are designed. Highlighting achievements at Morris Technologies, Synergeering Group, DME, and The POM Group, illustrate how direct metal technology helped them to create molds and products direct from CAD data.

  • Morris Technologies (Cincinnati, OH): an EOS direct-metal laser sintering machine is able to deliver metal prototype parts in four days to help clients show off a new key lock.
  • Synergeering Group (Farmington Hills, MI): experience making titanium parts directly from CAD data using the Arcam electron beam melting (EBM) technology.
  • DME (Madison Heights, MI): Moldfusion process is used to develop metal tooling for the injection molding process.
  • The POM Group (Auburn Hills, MI): demonstrates their direct metal deposition equipment, which can blend various metals to tailor material properties to product requirements.

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