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Single Piece Flow DVD

Single Piece Flow DVD

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Part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights Video Series video series, this inside look will give you concrete examples of how to transform your operation from batch production to single piece flow.

See how every operation at ConMed Linvatec, a world-class manufacturer of surgical equipment, is designed for single piece flow. Faced with large inventories and unpredictable customer demand, the company was struggling to keep popular items in stock. By implementing lean principles, it was able to transform from batch to single piece flow, eliminating most inventory and the need to store it. Only producing what is needed by the customer, when it is needed, has made ConMed Linvatec more profitable, more competitive, and more responsive to the demands of the marketplace.

Gain insight into:

  • Using the demand rate to plan cycle times
  • Developing a system to avoid lost tools
  • How water spiders can keep production moving
  • New types of cleaning equipment that promotes single piece flow
  • Lean training requirements
  • Using Kaizen events to improve flow

Whether you're a manufacturing supervisor, manager, lean coordinator, production designer, or production worker, you'll find this video a valuable addition to your lean library.

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