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Tool Materials DVD

Tool Materials DVD

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A wide variety of tool materials are used in manufacturing operations. For most applications, more than one type of tool material may be satisfactory, with final selection governed by material availability and economic considerations.

This Tool Materials program, part of the Fundamentals of Tool Design Video Series, provides a comprehensive examination of the three principal tool material groups: ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, and nonmetallic materials.

  • The Ferrous Tool Materials segment details the various carbon steels, alloy steels, tool steels, and cast irons, and how they are best applied.
  • The Nonferrous Tool Materials segment explores the three primary material types: aluminum, carbide, and cermet.
  • The Nonmetallic Tool Materials segment features in-depth information on tooling produced from wood, composites, rubber, ceramics, diamond, and cubic boron nitride.

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