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Rapid Tooling Design DVD

Rapid Tooling Design DVD

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This program, part of the Fundamentals of Tool Design Video Series, explores the development and application of various direct and indirect rapid tooling technologies used to create injection molds.

Written by renowned rapid prototyping industry specialist, Todd Grimm, this program examines the tool design practices that leverage the advantages and address the limitations of the various technologies. From tool design to component building, tool assembly, and injection molding, follow the development of these rapid tools as they're prepared for parts production.

The Indirect Rapid Tooling Processes segment explores the room temperature vulcanized rubber molding, or RTV, process. The various steps of the process are followed, including: the use of rapid prototype patterns, the mold making process, and injection of the RTV finished mold. The various injectable urethanes, epoxies, and other polymer materials are also presented.

The Direct Rapid Tooling Processes segment features the two most common metal-based rapid prototyping methods: direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), and selective laser melting (SLM). The basic, four-step process for constructing injection molds with these rapid tool techniques are detailed, including: tool design, component building, tool assembly, and injection molding.

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