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Threading DVD

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The screw form as used in manufacturing has two primary functions, to transmit power and motion, as with a lead screw on a machine tool and as threaded fasteners such as nuts, screws, and bolts.

Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program examines the many dimensions that make up all threads as well as segments on eternal threads, internal threads, and thread quality and verification.

The threading introduction segment examines the various thread dimensions, such as the major diameter, minor diameter, thread pitch, thread pitch diameter, percent of thread, thread angle, screw lead, thread shape, and thread tolerances and allowances.

The external threads segment explores the methods in which external thread are produced, including hand threading using solid or adjustable dies, thread turning using various infeeds, thread chasing, thread milling using helical interpolation, thread grinding, and thread rolling using flat plate rolling, radial/cylindrical thread rolling, or thread rolling attachments.

The internal threads segment details the taps and tapping operations, including manual tapping, the use of flexible arms, tapping machines, drill and tap centers, and multi-spindle tapping. Segments on floating tap heads, rigid/synchronous tapping, special tapping heads, and tap nomenclature are also featured.

The thread quality and verification segment covers the various levels of inspections, the gages used, and the mechanical and non-destructive testing processes used to verify threaded parts.

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