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Lean Epiphanies:  Catapult the Cow

Lean Epiphanies: Catapult the Cow

Gary Conner
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249 pages
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Lean Epiphanies has been awarded The Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award!

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It should not be surprising that the application of world-class manufacturing techniques is even more critical to company survival than it was even a decade ago. In Lean Epiphanies, lean expert and Shingo Prize winning author Gary Conner relates inspirational stories of the places he has been, the companies he has worked with, and the people he has met in his Lean Enterprise Training consultancy over the course of the last 20 years. Conner's experience conducting hundreds of continuous improvement events involving thousands of team members led to his writing this fun, easy-to-read collection of short stories.

Readers will find the conversational style refreshing and the insights transformative and encouraging in their own continuous improvement efforts. Each short story relates an “Aha!” moment that teaches something new. Lean newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike will learn through Conner’s compelling insights into human nature, company culture, leadership, and what it takes for business success in the changing dynamics of the new world economy.

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