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Metalcutting Fluids DVD

Metalcutting Fluids DVD

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Since metalcutting fluids are an integral part of many machining operations, they need to be applied correctly to make parts productively. When understood and used correctly, cutting fluids also optimize the production process to yield quality parts safely and at lower cost.

Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program explains how cutting fluids serve several functions during a machining operation, such as:

  • Controlling heat generation by reducing friction between the tool and material
  • Removing chips from the work area
  • Prolonging tool life
  • Maintaining surface integrity of the part
  • Corrosion prevention

This program provides an in-depth examination of what fluids actually do during the metalcutting process and features segments on cutting fluid types, fluid application systems, and cutting fluid maintenance.

The cutting fluid types segment looks at straight/cutting oils, soluble oils, semi-synthetic/semi-chemical cutting fluids, and synthetic/chemical cutting fluids.

The fluid application systems segment examines cutting fluid flooding, high pressure high volume fluid coolant, spray mist, minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), and dry machining.

The cutting fluid maintenance segment details the methods for maintaining fluids, titration, the refractometer, material safety data sheets, and data and information sheets.

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