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Lean Starter Video Package

Lean Starter Video Package

  • Mapping Your Value Stream DVD
  • Kanban Systems DVD
  • What Lean Means DVD
  • Incorporating Lean: From the Factory to the Front Office DVD


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The Lean Starter Video Package consists of four popular video programs from the Shingo award-winning Manufacturing Insights Video Series:

  • Mapping Your Value Stream: This program explains how value-stream mapping can be used to find waste in your production system.
  • What Lean Means: On every lean journey, what may seem easy to understand isn't always easy to implement. This program shows you what lean means today by exploring its visible evidence and promise.
  • Incorporating Lean: From the Factory to the Front Office: While lean is a popular term on the shop floor, this video will show you a company that didn't stop there. A global leader in particle separation equipment, SWECO applied lean plant wide, from the office to the loading dock. This program shows how applying lean techniques, such as Kanban, visual boards, 5S, and pre-staged kits helped SWECO increase profits.
  • Kanban Systems: This program takes you inside a company that uses Kanban cards, bins, and visual replenishment to deliver a wide variety of military and commercial pumps. You'll also see how a company converted from a computer-based inventory control system to using Kanban to trigger each step in the process of building snow blowers and lawn mowers.

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