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Hydroforming Book and Video Package

Hydroforming Book and Video Package

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This package includes the book, Fundamentals of Hydroforming, along with the video program, Hydroforming.

Fundamentals of Hydroforming, covers the fundamentals of both tube hydroforming (the most common) and sheet metal hydroforming with comprehensive guidelines for product design, material selection, computer simulation of the hydroforming process, and tool design. It also outlines assembly techniques, considerations of holes and slots, and types of hydroforming equipment. Fundamentals of Hydroforming provides product designers, manufacturing engineers and process engineers a wide range of technical information in one concise, easy to follow source.

The Hydroforming video program is also part of our popular Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes Video Series. This program examines the basic materials, tools, and techniques of tubular hydroforming and sheet metal hydroforming.

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